Book news :)

Finally time to reveal a secret I kept for a year now, good news ahead.

Last year in October, Linda Seward a reknown Quilt-judge, quilter and also autor of several books, contacted me. I nearly fell off my chair when she asked me if she could feature my quilt
„Green is Gold“ in here new revisited book.
I feel so honored, of course I said yes.
She had seen my quilt at the virtual version of Festival of Quilts.
I took new and better pictures for here to print in the book.
That´s what also started my passion for Photogrphy again. 🙂

Fun fakt of this story: When I started quilting in 2012, her book was one of the first books I bought about quilting. The book includes all the different techniques you find in the Patchwork and quilting world. It is very well written and illustrated with detailed step-by-step drawings and lovely pictures which spark the inspiration even more. The book is for beginners and advanced alike.
Who would have thought that one of my quilts would one day be in this book? So cool 🙂
Thank you Linda Seward!

you can find and buy the book here:

book written by Linda Seward UK
my quilt „Green is Gold“ featured in Linda Sewards book